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'Prime Minister's statement being linked to any other context is an effort to misinterpret the expression which doesn't serve Pakistan in any way', the statement concluded.
Valentine claimed his remarks were misinterpreted and he apologized to Youkilis yesterday morning before the Red Sox played Tampa Bay.
It is likely that the cause of a sexual assault between staff members in camp is that a male misinterpreted a female's cues concerning sexual activity.
(1.) P values are easily misinterpreted A P value is the probability of obtaining a result (usually a difference between treatments) as large or larger than that observed in a study if the null hypothesis (ie, no difference exists between treatments) is true.
Incredibly, every chief football writer in the country "misinterpreted" the England coach when he said about fans travelling to Turkey, "You can risk being injured, you can risk your life, which happened with Leeds in Turkey."
Each citizen contact situation varies, and cultural differences may exist that cause citizens to misinterpret an otherwise innocent comment as a rude remark.
The Starships singer insists that despite her bold image she is actually pretty reserved but she fears some people "misinterpret it".
Hard-earned intimacy with the language revealed subtle word meanings and structural elements that are easy to miss or misinterpret, Everett says.
Zollars is concerned that accountants may misinterpret SSARS no.
I have watched Judge Wapner's television show only once or twice but have been irritated far more frequently at the amount of legal disinformation that television viewers claim to have acquired from regular watching of "People's Court." It is always possible, I tell myself, that the television viewers misinterpret what Judge Wapner says (just as lawyers sometimes misinterpret what real-life judges say.) After all, the man had been a real judge before leaving for the fame and fortune of the television courtroom.
Unless reprogrammed, many computer systems will misinterpret the year 2000, which is entered into the computer as "00," as 1900, rather than 2000, and compute erroneous data or simply fail.
'I don't want my countrymen, especially the people who voted for me, to misinterpret anything.