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Do not mistake or misinterpret the statement of the President.
This so-called "dictum" was not, however, "repeatedly" issued, for Martin can only cite three loci in Bacon's whole works, and those he misinterprets.
We have informed the Commission that we consider the report misinterprets the data, and shows only a partial understanding of the action the UK has taken to protect waters,' he said.
According to Whitten, such an interpretation not only misinterprets the history surrounding the Constitutional Convention, the writing of the Constitution, and the practices of presidents Jefferson and Madison; it also is inconsistent with the ideals of authentic Christianity.
Both Petrarch and Chaucer found themselves in "the most desperate predicament of absolutist poetics, namely, the dream of a solitary poet trapped in the immediate presence of a godlike masculine monarch who misinterprets his makynge and finds it personally and sexually insulting" (338).
Treachery" is an issue only when Seal misinterprets a detail that later turns out to be a complete hoax.
In discussing Bartholomew Fair, Slights uses the term "secrecy" in connection with interpretation, arguing that each of the visitors to the Fair misinterprets people and events because he or she can see only through the prism of himself or herself: thus the chapter title "Interpretation as Self-Replication in Bartholomew Fair.