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Another glaring misinterpretation of the DNA findings is the assertion that the Scandinavian settlers had little impact on England.
He told how he had met Iraqi Christians who were forced to flee to Jordan after being "driven from their homes by individuals who adhere to a perverted and brutal misinterpretation of Islam".
The Bilingual Education Act of 1967, PL 90-247, was a federal enactment that had the possibility to positively impact the education of the deaf; however, because of the exclusionary misinterpretation of this law, it has been ineffectual in benefitting the deaf child.
Having unified contracts between the parties not only avoids the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of articles that could previously have occurred, it also guarantees the rights of all the stakeholders involved," said Bin Mejren.
The initial decision was based on a misinterpretation of the agency's policy regarding foreign nationals," Mr Beutel said.
The source went on to say that the Ministry has the legal right to take action against the body responsible for the misinterpretation of those statements.
However, I should clarify that the article did not show 'widespread' misinterpretation of results.
The misinterpretation came from people jumping on a bandwagon, or following a "thought trend" as I like to call them.
However, misinterpretation of texts is one of the reasons that lead to "wrongful" religious practices.
The MNJ accused the government in Niamey, Niger's capital, of a "treacherous" misinterpretation, saying the message conveyed by Alambo was from Ibrahim Ag Bahanga, the Malian Tuareg leader, to Gaddafi.
However, Baroness Harris recognises that in view of Mr Ashby's other commercial interests this arrangement is open to misinterpretation and she will therefore now withdraw Mr Ashby's pass.