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Even though the intent of this law was good, the misinterpretation for the deaf child as being placed in an educational environment of mainstreaming in public school classrooms with hearing children has been, for many deaf children, catastrophic.
The initial decision was based on a misinterpretation of the agency's policy regarding foreign nationals," Mr Beutel said.
The source went on to say that the Ministry has the legal right to take action against the body responsible for the misinterpretation of those statements.
However, I should clarify that the article did not show 'widespread' misinterpretation of results.
The misinterpretation came from people jumping on a bandwagon, or following a "thought trend" as I like to call them.
However, misinterpretation of texts is one of the reasons that lead to "wrongful" religious practices.
This hilarious site is home to a long list of domain faux pas that show how easy it is to leave your site wide open to misinterpretation.
The sources that inspired the misinterpretation / Are still with us and very active.
LANGUAGE can be a difficult issue, and its misinterpretation sometimes a distinctly messy affair.
I think there might have been a misinterpretation on (Bure's) part,'' Murray said.
Justin: A misinterpretation of a truck commercial that we thought was funny on TV.
The second edition also happens to be the source of Levine's complete misinterpretation of research by Richard McKee and Larry Squire that I discussed.