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8) Misinterpretation of HSIL is an important problem encountered by pathologists and cytotechnologists in daily practice.
We suggest below several ways that we have done this with margin-of-error misinterpretations.
But paintings are not mute poems, and poems are not speaking pictures, so misinterpretations of Horace have continually clouded our endless accounts of the relations between poetry and painting.
Amnesty International declared that "some governments continue to invoke cultural and religious justifications, as well as ill-informed misinterpretations of international law" to deny lesbians, gays, and others their basic rights.
Psychiatrists generally emphasize drug treatment for panic disorder and believe the repeated attacks stem from an imbalance of specific chemical messengers in the brain, McCurdy notes; psychologists stress cognitive-behavioral approaches and argue that panic disorder results from misinterpretations of bodily responses to normal anxiety.
Few of us have been wise enough to avoid these misinterpretations ourselves.
Although Furth himself casually mentioned the possibility of fracto-fusion last May at a meeting of the American Physical Society, he says he now suspects the entire cold fusion drama sprang from misinterpretations of data and experimental errors.
Petitioners say the definition would complete the Church's infallible teaching on Mary; that it flows naturally from the assumptions behind orthodox Marian piety; and that it could be worded to rule out misinterpretations.