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They further show how its misuse or non-use in anaesthesia trials has led to widespread and profound misinterpretation of the results of clinical trials, even widely-cited ones, with potentially adverse implications for clinical practice.
These misinterpretations can cost your company time, money, and even your reputation for quality.
The so-called "perfect matches"" may induce disastrous context-related misinterpretations.
Watching Your Back debunks common myths such as misinterpretations of the yin/yang dichotomy, and over-emphasis on the role of Shaolin temples in the genesis of Chinese martial arts (the Shaolin temples reflected Buddhist culture specifically and isolated their warrior-monks from Chinese society, and therefore could not be prototypical of Chinese martial arts).
leads to a probability that does not account for the size of the exposed population and can lead to incorrect results and misinterpretations.
Next, we present some typical misinterpretations of the margin of error drawn from the news media that will prove interesting to both teachers and students and useful as classroom examples.
Unfortunately, this carries a risk and misinterpretations of the tests can occur.
THE problem with extremists is that they collect all the information,including exaggerations and misinterpretations appertaining to one side of a situation, which leads to an unbalanced assessment.
Without such verification, uncertainty about the resolution of the machines' detectors could lead to misinterpretations of scans.
There are universal ethics displayed within the Ten Commandments, as well as some misinterpretations, which should be openly discussed with children.
With its "errors, forced readings, and misinterpretations," it "opened up a richer body of texts and a wider range of questions to apply to them than any previous work or group of works" (177).
IFAC recognized there had been some misinterpretations of the auditor's responsibilities on comparatives.