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But she had no money left; and there were no friends, in the circle at Swanhaven, to whom she could apply, without being misinterpreted, for a loan of ten pounds, to be privately intrusted to her on the spot.
Julian had certainly convinced her that she had misinterpreted what she had seen; but he had convinced her against her will.
From which it may be inferred that the best things are liable to be misunderstood and misinterpreted.
But on this occasion she entirely misinterpreted what he had said.
The reserve which I have hitherto maintained in this matter has been misinterpreted by members of my family whose good opinion I cannot consent to forfeit.
Razumov on the strength of some old, utterly misinterpreted exchange of ideas--some sort of idle speculative conversation--months ago--I am told--and completely forgotten till now by Mr.
But even the silent contempt of a serious mind may be misinterpreted by headlong utopists.
The relics were concealed from profane eyes; his people were admonished not to speak of miracles before a race that not only denied their existence, but who had even the desperate hardihood to challenge their proofs; and even the Bible itself was prohibited, with terrible denunciations, for the triumphant reason that it was liable to be misinterpreted.
According to the Express Tribune, Shehryar Kasuri, the legal advisor for Ashraf, claimed the SC order has been misinterpreted by the IPC, saying that whenever the operation of a judgement is suspended by an interim order, it means 'the High Court judgement will remain stayed and the status quo will be maintained'.
Australian central bank's deputy governor, Philip Lowe, on Thursday said remarks by governor Glenn Stevens on Wednesday about its July board meeting had been misinterpreted by financial markets.
Coming under attack for advising Delhiites to cut use of power if they could not afford high electricity tariff, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Monday said that her statement on Sunday was misinterpreted.
I cannot help it if some people misinterpreted what I said, which was that Liverpool wanted our manager, which they did as they asked permission to speak with him, and talked to him on a number of occasions," Whelan said.