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We chose Vericept because the VIEW technology monitors all network traffic including Internet, Web-based email, instant messaging (IM), peer-to-peer (P2P) games and music downloads, without affecting network performance or producing 'false positives' caused by misinterpreting acceptable communications.
AQMD officials countered that the program has been successful and the environmental groups are simply misinterpreting the way penalties are applied under the program for companies that exceed their allotment.
BOXING: Closing arguments continued for a third day in the insurance fraud trial of boxing promoter Don King, with each side accusing the other of misinterpreting the evidence.
Former senior associate director of athletics Judith Holland is assigned most of the blame in NCAA reports, for misinterpreting rules that allowed her to award excess scholarships and bring in Australian ringer Tanya Harding to win a national title.
But the landfill's developer said that the North Valley Coalition of Concerned Citizens is misinterpreting the state Department of Water Resources report.