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Yet though deceptive appearances might lead others to misjudge me, I could never overcome my scrupulous delicacy.
Disguised did I sit amongst them, ready to misjudge MYSELF that I might endure THEM, and willingly saying to myself: "Thou fool, thou dost not know men
Better that Sir Percival should doubt my motives, and misjudge my conduct if he will, than that I should be first false to him in thought, and then mean enough to serve my own interests by hiding the falsehood.
It can be so easy to misjudge the speed of an oncoming train.
Speed is a definite factor for me because if I don't have a chance of ranging a deer and have to estimate the distance myself, I'll have a little more room to misjudge and still hit the vitals.
If you think deep down she might have a valid point (maybe you did jump to a wrong conclusion or misjudge her), you might say, "Let me think about it, and let's talk again tomorrow when we've calmed down.
But today's deficit is different, and both sides misjudge its impact and importance.
They may, however, still misjudge a contestant despite their professional expertise.