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A spokesman for Channel 4 said: "The Siddiquis have not been under investigation by local police, they are aware that this post was misjudged and have apologised for their mistake.
Global Banking News-December 18, 2014--Economist says Irish authorities misjudged banking risks
CBO Misjudged Economic Recovery Pace: Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf said Tuesday the agency misread the economic recovery after the 2008 financial crisis because it put "too much weight" on earlier rebounds and the impact of policy responses to the worst downturn since the Great Depression.
What came across was not what was intended and was totally misjudged," he said.
Speaking to the Sunday Mercury ahead of the chart-topping band's big Birmingham gig, he complains that the group has been misjudged.
Hefner says he was stunned when it all ended so suddenly and believes that he misjudged the relationship.
Summary: Pakistan's ex-Test cricket captain has told a court how he feels betrayed and that he "completely" misjudged his former friend and agent who claimed he was part of a match fixing scam.
A helicopter ditched in the North Sea with 18 people on board after the crew misjudged the position and orientation of the aircraft, a report found today.
Neal was immediately gifted the lead in the opening race when polesitter Jason Plato misjudged the opening bend in wet conditions.
He continued: "I can see now that what started out as a bit of messing about and having a laugh on Twitter has been misjudged and I'd like to apologise to anyone that this has offended as that was the last thing I ever intended to do.
Harri, one of three wild cards Colin Montgomerie picked ahead of Paul Casey and Justin Rose, admits he badly misjudged the qualifying system - and thought he'd have been home and dry well before Monty had to make his call.
What was intended to be a humorous piece was clearly misjudged.