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She tells this week's Grazia magazine: "I've always been misjudged, my whole life.
BEN STOKES produced a wonder catch then admitted: "I thought I'd misjudged it."
AN experienced biker on a layout with friends may have misjudged a bend, an inquest heard.
He asserted that once people watch the film, they will learn how they should have never misjudged Singh in the first place.
It wasn't the worst start, with Kyle Jarvis, the pick of the bowlers for the hosts, dismissing Mohammad Hafeez early as the Pakistan opener misjudged the length.
It horrified Beeb managers and prompted calls for him to be fired - as it's not the first time he has misjudged the impact of a social media post.
The 23-year-old Babar, who had scored an impressive 68, misjudged the short-pitched ball which could not lift too high and hit the batsman's forearm forcing him to leave the ground in pain.
She said that PML-N opponents misjudged the situation by underestimated the party's popularity among the masses.
The article has now been taken down and JOE.co.uk apologised, calling the reference "a misjudged attempt to compare the club's unexpected failings at the start of this season with the dramatic decline in the career of comedian Michael Richards".
It looks like a mistake has been made by the said driver or he has misjudged the safe distance while pulling out in front of the learner driver.
A witness said it looked as though the driver, who worked for First Bus, had misjudged the gap when he tried to pass the car.