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With the wisdom of hindsight this was a serious misjudgement on my part.
Speeding came second, causing 62 deaths, followed by the misjudgement of the road with 48 deaths.
Sentencing guidelines suggest a first-time offence involving "momentary lapse of concentration or misjudgement at low speed" is dealt with by a one-off "Band A" fine of up to 50% of weekly income, and between three-four penalty points.
The panel was not persuaded that the clinical misjudgement of Mr Foo was 'so extraordinarily bad that impairment is made out on the basis of bringing the profession into disrepute or breaching one of the fundamental tenets of the profession'.
And what makes me really angry is the fact both Blunkett and Blair are blaming the demise of the ex-Works and Pensions Secretary not on his own stupidity and misjudgement but on a Tory plot and a vengeful media, which is pretty rich coming from the most media-obsessed Government of all time.
But Wylie almost turned from saint to sinner in the closing minutes when he made a shocking misjudgement of a pass back and allowed McPherson to rob him of the ball.
Rhondda MP Chris Bryant, who believes he may have been a target of phone-hacking, said: "The Met and the CPS clearly made a misjudgement when they closed the case in December.
MIB), Alessandro Profumo, has accepted that he had made a misjudgement about the financial position of the bank.
In its verdict the jury found his death was caused by driver misjudgement while he was attempting a threepoint turn.
His misjudgement meant motorcyclist Colin Winter, who was travelling in the opposite direction, ploughed into the side of the Golf and was killed instantly on the A4119 at about 5.
It was a huge misjudgement because Blair would have won hands down.
His misjudgement in hastily joining warmonger Bush to illegally invade Iraq, killing and maiming thousands of innocent civilians in the process, would inevitably infuriate the Muslim community.