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Lee Biggins, chief executive of CVLibrary, said: "Misjudging what candidates are looking for in a job offer can have harmful repercussions for an employer.
London, Oct 7 (ANI): A golf fan, nicknamed "Cigar Guy", has become an Internet sensation after he was spotted in a photograph taken of professional golfer Tiger Woods misjudging a shot at the Ryder Cup.
You don't have to misjudge things around here much to make mistakes but I've been misjudging things all week."
A TEENAGE biker plunged to his death after misjudging a dip while racing at a former quarry, an inquest heard yesterday.
Flt Lt Charlie Logan, a pilot at RAF Boulmer, said: "Anything we can do to help raise awareness of misjudging the tide times is a good thing.
Families in Queens Road, Tipton, say that vehicles have been written off and gardens walls demolished by cars "tearing" down Victoria Road and misjudging a bend.