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That was a misjudgment because Clare's views on caring and other matters stand regardless of her Labour Party connections.
But such inconsistency would be an inexcusable repeat of the misjudgment the government made last year regarding a final settlement deadline.
According to the probability misjudgment account of paranormal belief (Blackmore, 1992; Blackmore & Troscianko, 1985), psychic experiences are cognitive illusions resulting from the failure to assess accurately the baseline probability of seemingly strange coincidences.
Another misjudgment was made when President Clinton embraced the "Peace Process" negotiated in Oslo.
Perhaps with this in mind, they open the first section, "The Women of Brewster Place," with an essay whose placement in the lead slot of a book on Gloria Naylor could be read as a misjudgment had the idea of connections not been emphasized as essential to the goals of this collection.
A misjudgment by centre-back Leon Barnett allowed Prudinikov to run through to give the Russian club a 15th-minute lead.
This rash decision by the normally cool-headed Mr Hague is a serious misjudgment.
Kiev, June 8 ( ANI ): Ukraine's ambassador to Britain has called the ministerial boycott of England's Euro 2012 group matches 'a misjudgment,' and added that it will make little difference.
Their decision to go public over an unseemly spat with Dundee over gate money was a crass misjudgment on their behalf.
First time novelist Hubbard spins a suspenseful story of Police Chief Frank Bennett, who comes to Trout River, a remote village in the Adirondacks, to escape the big city and his misjudgment in another case.
The immediate cause of this tragic loss of life and aircraft was the pilot's loss of situational awareness and his misjudgment of the distance to the target during the run.