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As musicians, we too are prone to experience illusions and misjudgments in learning, such as overestimating the security of our memory, the effectiveness of our practice or the depth of our technical ability.
Studies of the relationship of technology to costs--the cost impact of misjudgments, the related matter of liability, and the broader issue of professional impact; the maturation of the electronic information industry and its relationship to publishing, all of which are presented here--could conceivably yield new insights important to information management.
The preferential treatment they have received contributed to the mortgage mess by fostering a notion that taxpayers would bail them out, regardless of their miscalculations and misjudgments.
Laboratory experiments cannot determine the day-to-day frequency of such misjudgments, but Gilbert holds that people may often navigate their social world without noticing that they have veered off course.
And in the fifth, misjudgments and a few failed blocks by USC - combined with Nebraska's .