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Studies of the relationship of technology to costs--the cost impact of misjudgments, the related matter of liability, and the broader issue of professional impact; the maturation of the electronic information industry and its relationship to publishing, all of which are presented here--could conceivably yield new insights important to information management.
In a story of political tension as well as intelligence judgment and misjudgment, Diamond writes, "The short distance between the White House and the CIA appears greater when measured in other ways.
The preferential treatment they have received contributed to the mortgage mess by fostering a notion that taxpayers would bail them out, regardless of their miscalculations and misjudgments.
Laboratory experiments cannot determine the day-to-day frequency of such misjudgments, but Gilbert holds that people may often navigate their social world without noticing that they have veered off course.
The way was then open for the most disastrous military misjudgments of our age.
And in the fifth, misjudgments and a few failed blocks by USC - combined with Nebraska's .
The Smart-Clip(TM) ALLVIEW(TM) Mirror provides full rear traffic view without turning your head letting you judge exactly what you see, eliminating misjudgments and guesswork to insure safe and accurate lane changes.
Lankford writes uncritically of Bruce's diplomatic career, even though the list of Bruce's misjudgments and failures is not short.
Kim takes responsibility his share of fatal misjudgments, focusing particularly on his attempt to become a global force in the auto industry:
Such risks and uncertainties with respect to the company include the effects of general economic conditions, changing foreign exchange rates and actions by government authorities, uncertainties associated with legal proceedings and negotiations, industry supply levels, competitive pricing pressures and misjudgments in the course of preparing forward-looking statements.
Factors that may result in such variance, in addition to those set forth under the above captions, include changes in interest rates, commodity prices, and other economic conditions; actions by competitors; changing weather conditions and other natural phenomena; actions by government authorities; uncertainties associated with legal proceedings; technological developments; future decisions by management in response to changing conditions; and misjudgments in the course of preparing forward-looking statements.