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Because the review of the OCR images was usually 1-3 days after the images were collected, notification of OCR mislabel detection to the high-volume laboratory was generally after results had been reported, whereas notification of OCR mislabel detection to the second laboratory was often before analysis.
Mislabeled samples: Samples that do not meet the requirements of the institution's labeling policy.
Researchers found that seafood fraud is widespread, with 33 percent of the samples being mislabeled. They concluded that packages that were labeled "red snapper" or "tuna" were most often marked incorrectly, with New York City being the biggest offender.
The complaint also alleges that Walmart knew as far back as 2008 that cotton was mislabeled while Target and Bed Bath & Beyond knew for several months.
It has also led to the proliferation of mislabeled alternative products that contain a range of ingredients and nutrients that are often not equivalent to the nutrition content of dairy products.
In November 2017, leadership at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, reported significant reductions in mislabeled specimens--and reductions in collection turnaround times--in multiple areas where nurses collect laboratory specimens.
In an effort to help food and beverage companies reduce the amount of mislabeled products hitting the market, last week at Schneider Electric's Innovation Summit: Software Conference 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, the company introduced Label Assurance, a combination of software and hardware that scans and validates labels to confirm that the right product is in the right package.
Transfusion of blood that is typed on specimens that are mislabeled can result in acute hemolytic transfusion reactions.
From 2010 to 2012, the conservation agency Oceana conducted dna tests on seafood in 21 states and found that one-third of the samples had been mislabeled. A whopping 87 percent of the "red snapper" samples were bogus, swapped in for cheaper fish like tilapia or rockfish.
They extracted DNA from the foods and discovered 31 were correctly labeled, 20 were potentially mislabeled, and one had a meat ingredient that could not be identified.
They extracted DNA from 52 foods and discovered 31 were labeled correctly, 20 were potentially mislabeled and one had a meat ingredient that could not be identified.
It was also noted that some supplements may not include any or adequate levels of iodide, or may be mislabeled.