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In this study, we recorded both aggregate and institutional rates of ABO blood specimen mislabeling and instances of WBIT.
Mislabeling fish could also present unexpected health risk among pregnant women looking to limit their intake of mercury, which could (http://americanpregnancy.
Mislabeling also means that seafood billed as "local" or "sustainably sourced" can be far from it.
After putting charges on firms mislabeling their items as early as July, the Bureau of Foreign Trade established a new export policy in August, focused at restricting these attempts in the future.
The report on the study, published in the journal Food Control, says It was unclear whether the mislabeling was accidental or intentional and at which point in the production chain it took place.
Improving process quality and reducing total expense associated with sample mislabeling in an academic medical center.
The percentages represent seafood mislabeling in the regions tested by Oceana, a marine conservation group that investigated the prevalence of food fraud in 12 cities nationwide.
In addition, non-specific symptoms (infant's restlessness, or parents' fear/belief that cow's milk is harmful) were common reasons for mislabeling infants as cow's milk allergic.
We learned about the mislabeling from a number of former employees of AB (Anheuser-Busch) at breweries throughout the United States," he told Thomson Reuters.
Of the most commonly collected types of fish, snapper and tuna had the highest mislabeling rates across the country at 87 and 59 percent, respectively.
From being a straightforward case of mislabeling or fraud, the scandal took a more ominous turn last week when the UK's Food Standards Agency said phenylbutazone, a drug potentially harmful to human health, was identified in carcasses of horses, some of which were exported to France.
Because specimen collection is just one of their many job functions, it is easy to see why mislabeling errors can be even higher in specimens they collect.