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A third of fruit juices tested were mislabelled or did not contain what they said they did.
Jurou rs will also hear telephone evidencev in whichc the defendants discuss mislabelled a parcels, r which ac ddresses to send them to, howo much money e was being made and when the cash would be sent backc to Britain via money e servicer bureaus.
At Morrisons, six of the 71 products sampled were mislabelled, while at Sainsbury's two out of 63 samples used a much cheaper cod than on the label.
9t of beef had been mislabelled, but said it was by mistake and an isolated incident.
Investigators from Defra are continuing their investigation into the scale of egg fraud in Britain, although they stressed that they do not believe mislabelled eggs are still being traded.
BANNED A third of fruit juices tested were mislabelled or did not contain what they said they did.
A team from University College Dublin discovered a startling 28% of cod products in Ireland are mislabelled and warned that people are being flogged cheaper fish - instead of highly-sought-after cod.
Some 7% of cod was mislabelled in the UK, a study published in the scientific journal Fish and Fisheries found.
He told police if bottles had been mislabelled, it was "unintentional".
Trading standards asked us to go with them when looking at the labelling of potatoes in wholesale and retail outlets in south Wales, and found a couple of bins that had been mislabelled due to human error," said BPC marketing manager Kathryn Race.
The account of architectural theory is so dead-pan that one suspects a lack of architectural response, and this is supported when, for example, the architecturally finest of `tower blocks' are confused: a picture of Goldfinger's Balfron Tower is mislabelled Trellick Tower, and Basil Spence's impressive and lamented Hutchesontown flats are described merely as `elaborate' when Bunton's appalling Red Road (Glasgow) is a `mighty outcrop'.
Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Waitrose and Lidl were all found to stock mislabelled products.