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The two men appeared in relation to the alleged mislabelling of goat meat products intended for sale.
Dafydd Raw-Rees, the owner and Food Business Operator of Farmbox Meats Limited in Aberystwyth and Colin Patterson, the company representative, are alleged to have been involved in the mislabelling of goat meat products intended for sale.
He said: "The timeline of events suggests the negative media coverage generated by the first cod mislabelling study put the large supermarkets under intense scrutiny, which acted as a positive catalyst for change.
Sarah Helyer said the study showed that the overall rate of mislabelling was low, but seafood production was a huge industry and if the problem was repeated across the country she felt it could impact on the management of fish stocks.
Dunbia Dungannon, part of the Dunbia Group, was accused by three former employees of mislabelling Brazilian beef as British.
An investigation into the mislabelling of eggs was launched last November.
r "AtA points betweenw Janua ary2r 009 and Maya 2012, Warsa ame Nuur,r Hersi Fara a h,a Lelah Ali and Adrian Walla all accept theye were invon lvedv ina plan to send khat to the US by mislabelling a parcel r in the UK.
THE Farmers' Union of Wales has demanded more focus from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on tackling fraud and mislabelling after supermarket beef products were found to contain horse meat.
Scientists carried out research in supermarkets, fishmongers and take-aways here and in the UK and found a shockingly high level of mislabelling.
A COMPANY director was fined pounds 6,000 yesterday for mislabelling hundreds of bottles of water.
Some were quality issues and there were two examples of mislabelling.
TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said mislabelling was undermining the careful management of fish stocks, adding: "It is vital every fish that reaches market is labelled and sold for what it is.