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In a statement AIB said: "Some confidential information relating to the banking facilities of a number of customers was mislaid on Thursday, August 31 in Galway.
But the audience for Mislaid is surly limited, not by its politics so much as by those spores of tedium that eventually germinate and spread across the pages.
Without any fastening the instructions, records and traceability information could become loose and mislaid.
The study found that 70% of women have either cancelled a date or a business meeting due to lost lippy or mislaid mascara.
The record has been mislaid in order to hide wrongdoings of the legal branch.
But, Scotland Yard, yesterday, admitted a team of officers mislaid the 'internal security keys' during last minute checks.
Dame Vera, 93, dropped or mislaid it during a ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall earlier this month.
Lost or mislaid numbers cans be replaced with new ones at www.
A lump of Blu-tack makes an emergency sink plug if you have mislaid the proper one.
25 mislaid bag claims per 1,000 passengers, compared to 0.
STORER, Jen Tensy Farlow and the home for mislaid children Viking, 2009 341pp $19.
The number of bags mislaid, damaged or lost during layovers at European airports was "excessive and unacceptable," the European Commission Vice President responsible for transport, Antonio Tajani, said on July 28.