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We present evidence the potential to mislay eggs in large colonies may constitute a novel cost of group living in colonially nesting birds.
Fresh-faced youths show the documents to get into pubs and nightclubs but mislay them in a drunken stupor.
IN a moment of inattention - and after a third glass of wine - a chum managed to mislay her Switch card.
A Prison Service source said last night: "It's an amazing error to mislay an entire set of keys."
Ministers planned to strategically 'mislay' a claim for a tax rebate owed to Donald Maclean, a member of the notorious Cambridge spy ring, to save the embarrassment of paying a traitor.
Anyone who lost dentures elsewhere on the course should contact Chichester Police, while the person who did mislay his or her teeth in the vicinity of the seven-furlong start is invited to visit the clerk of the course's office today, where a private fitting will be used to check the validity of the claim.