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In In re Complaint of Rovas Against SBC Michigan, 482 Mich 90, 114; 754 NW2d 259 (2008), our Supreme Court defined the word "mislead" as "1.
This work demonstrates that firms in the home, travel and car insurance markets must shape up and ensure that the claims they make don't mislead. We will be back to assess progress and will then decide whether further regulatory action is needed."
Johnigan: The language "under the direction" extends the rule well beyond employees to cover attorneys, customers, vendors, creditors and underwriters if they provide false or misleading confirmations to auditors or otherwise try to mislead them.
Judge Alfred Rosenblatt, in the majority decision, cited a training videotape that shows agents how to "cause the vanish to occur whenever your client wants to see it," and wrote that the companies "allegedly trained sales agents to make presentations in ways that would arguably deceive and mislead prospective policyholders." Four judges joined Rosenblatt, while one abstained.
Participants watch a slide presentation or a video that is meant to simulate witnessing an event, and then the participants read a narrative or answer questions that are meant to mislead them; the questions or narrative include information not actually contained in the slide presentation or video.
Moreover, the case law indicates that in judging whether statements mislead someone into thinking a governmental body vouches for or is affiliated with a collection service, the court must use the standard of whether 'the least sophisticated consumer" (not necessarily the 'reasonable consumer" `would be misled.'
This has obvious parallels with the global tobacco industry's decades-long campaign to mislead the public about the risk of cancer, which also used front organisations and corporate social activities.
BUSINESSES offering credit services must not mislead customers into believing they are a charity or government body by using names such as "helpline" or "debtline", says the trading watchdog .
Mike Haley, director of consumer protection at the OFT, said: "These mailings used fictitious names and false claims to mislead thousands of consumers into sending money in the belief they would have access to a successful tipster service."
The FSA's Vernon Everitt said: "Insurers must shape up and ensure that the claims they make don't mislead."
"I have received categorical assurances from chief executive Mark Palios that he did not mislead, or attempt to mislead, the FA or its officials.
Trudy Shaw, marketing director for Harrier L.L.C, said there was no intention to mislead customers.