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Sidney's Defence of poesy (written probably 1580; first published 1591), for all its glamour, insightfulness and deeply moving moments, is also a bewildered and bewildering attempt to defend poetry against Plato's indictment of poets as misleaders of the youth by using an Aristotelian notion of mimesis (but with a late mannerist nuance) coupled with Horace's amiable edification.
We're confident that our clear principles, honesty about the tough timesweface and our ability to offer solutions, will provide the antidote for those who do not want more of the same, who do not want sound- bite politics and misleaders, but do want to join the only party in which the many, not the few, set the agenda.
Workers came close to a general strike in late August, but their Histradrut union misleaders backed away.
We need leaders who stand with working people, not misleaders who want to hand even more money to their wealthy cronies.
These forces will both push those reluctant to pursue class struggle actions to the left, and eventually may well be in positions to supplant such misleaders.
A treasury of deception; liars, misleaders, hoodwinkers and the extraordinary true stories of history's greatest hoaxes, fakes and frauds.
Most conflicts have real grounds that misleaders exaggerate and exploit for their political ambitions.
The antagonistic mutual relationships between people's groups are basically the ones which are imposed upon them externally by the global system, by history, by chauvinist misleaders.
Would that the problem were merely Misleaders of Labor we could shoot a few leaders (or beat them up) and get them out of the way so that rank-and-file militancy and progressivism could flourish.