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A treasury of deception; liars, misleaders, hoodwinkers and the extraordinary true stories of history's greatest hoaxes, fakes and frauds.
Most conflicts have real grounds that misleaders exaggerate and exploit for their political ambitions.
This critique of American labor from the far left will confirm all of the darkest suspicions those of the right have ever harbored about unions and union leaders--or "misleaders" (p.
The lists of leaders may in some cases be 'misleaders', distorted bythe efforts of one or two notable representatives, but the real achievers-andnon-achievers-are readily identifiable from the lucidly presented recordsof progeny performance.
The antagonistic mutual relationships between people's groups are basically the ones which are imposed upon them externally by the global system, by history, by chauvinist misleaders. Existing relationships among peoples are not of their own choice.
Would that the problem were merely Misleaders of Labor we could shoot a few leaders (or beat them up) and get them out of the way so that rank-and-file militancy and progressivism could flourish.
Voters are still free to democratically choose, to vote against those misleaders who put foreigners first, and British interest, an impoverished last.
This line, a destructive ultra-left initiative that failed to distinguish clearly between friends and enemies, targeted for attack the great mass of peasant activists who actually carried through the land reform, because they had failed to create "equality." In the Socialist Education Movement and later during the Cultural Revolution, Liu came forward with "left" in form, right in essence lines that, under super-revolutionary rhetoric, repeatedly targeted the mass of cadres down below rather than expose the misleaders up above.
Indians have, instead, to live with cynicism and misleaders. The disease stretches across the political spectrum.