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It found the advertisement of Blue Star's air purifier misleading by ambiguity and implication.
50 lakh in just 12 hours' was not substantiated and is misleading by ambiguity, the advertising regulator said.
Most claims were potentially misleading - 6 in 10 claims left out important information, exaggerated information, provided opinions, or made meaningless associations with lifestyles, the researchers said.
It establishes a general prohibition against untrue, false and misleading statements in advertisements.
FSA consumer director Anna Bradley said: 'If you spot something you think is misleading, we would like to hear from you.
Some participants were exposed to misleading information in the form of a questionnaire; the questionnaire contained accurate information for other participants.
Canadian companies' concern over potentially misleading graphics was raised recently by Bill Buchanan, FCA, the overall judging coordinator for the 1997 Financial Post Annual Report Awards, which recognize the best performance-reporting models.
The section on Siberia, including the Lake Baikal region and Mongolia, leaves the reader with the incorrect impression that tourist facilities are available, and with an ecological description so superficial as to be misleading.
In actual sexual abuse evaluations, police officers or lawyers often first ask children general questions about what happened, then give them anatomically detailed dolls or other props to act out the incident, and finally ask specific -- and sometimes misleading -- questions about genital touching and sexual behavior.
The state may only prohibit such speech if it is false, deceptive or misleading.