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For these misleading commercial practices, Brugman is imposed a fine of 250,000 euros.
This charge related to an attempt in April 2016 to make a claim using an invoice "that he knew to be false or misleading".
However, none of them raised the issue and they de facto formed a cartel, misleading consumers regarding function of all air purifiers," he added.
It pulled up realty portal Magicbricks ad claiming it was "misleading by gross exaggeration".
It advised the public to be vigilant and take precautions in purchasing unregistered panty liners with health claims and panty liners with false, deceptive and misleading health claims.
As to MCL 750.479c(1)(b), Williams insisted that the evidence supported merely an omission, and not a false or misleading statement.
Following reports and questions from citizens, who received misleading emails and suspicious messages through social networks, Cyber Crime Section at the Public Security Department's CID said it has spotted many of these misleading e-mails and false stories.
The Customer Complaints Council ( CCC) of ASCI said that it upheld complaints against Amazon after finding a TV commercial of its e- book reader Kindle as misleading by omission of a disclaimer qualifying the price of the actual product being promoted.
Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs said: 'As Europe's largest airline, Ryanair has received numerous complaints from our customers who have inadvertently purchased Ryanair flights on the eDreams website, as a direct result of the misleading advertising provided by Google.
that raised concerns about confusing and misleading promotions and a lack of easily comparable prices.
The Association of Personal Injury Lawyer challenged whether the claim was misleading because the payment would not be received until later in the process.
Currently, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) is establishing the range of all persons whose statements can be regarded as misleading and creating a false or misleading representation of the financial position of companies traded on the Bulgarian stock Exchange a Sofia, the official press release reads.