misleading notion

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At a time when Yemenis desperately needed funding to meet the needs of starving millions, they ignored the pleas of peaceful youths calling for demilitarized change, and poured funding into "security spending" - a misleading notion which referred to further military buildup, including the arming of client dictators against their own populations.
We should refrain from relying upon empathy--that fashionable, and utterly misleading notion.
This view has bolstered the misleading notion that censorship prevented him from reaching full artistic maturity.
In your correspondent's defence, some of his other comments indicate reliance upon a particularly misleading notion, still taught in some seminaries, known as the JEPD (or "documentary") hypothesis.
From the pro-AV campaign comes the misleading notion all MPs would be elected on more than 50 per cent of the vote.
We were a little alarmed that this misleading notion may be widespread within the community of piercing practitioners; the non-conductive plastic stud may indeed be 'surgery friendly' but this does not mean that it is 'anaesthesia friendly'.
carried with it the misleading notion that the slate could be wiped clean with the push of a button").
Willes's notes and "Further Reading" section reveals something unsettling: is it possible that her abundant notes actually give a misleading notion of the range of her research and that some portions of Reading Matters depend too heavily on just a handful of sources?
The suggestion that new revenue from a sales or income tax or even expanded gambling will reduce property taxes is a misleading notion.
Several pundits, moreover, have furthered this misleading notion of Westerns being completely black-and-white, when in fact most of the best were imbued with a certain moral ambiguity.
This distinction is important because of the widespread, misleading notion that there are two classes of carcinogenic agents, including so-called "animal" carcinogens that pose no risk to humans.
He explained that these erroneous and misleading notions are sending negative signals which do not encourage investment in hydrocarbons needed to meet future demand.