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Measuring radon with testing kits that sit in a house for just a few days can yield misleadingly low values in summer, a new study finds.
bio-fuels policy as "the internationalization of genocide," Castro misleadingly claims that all grains used for fuel injure the environment and inevitably deprive the poor of food.
And for those of you who want more of Mika, carry on listening after the last track, misleadingly titled Happy Ending.
Seniors performed as well as younger subjects in tests in which they were asked to memorize and recall a list of paired words, but significantly worse when they memorized the list of paired words, then viewed new lists with words misleadingly similar to words on the first list, and then tried to recall the word pairs from the first list.
These headlines misleadingly imply that the research involved women when it actually involved mice, and both the original story and the Join Together summary failed to mention that this animal research may have little if any bearing on the health outcome of humans prenatally exposed to methamphetamines .
It has been long known that the adjuvants (commonly and misleadingly called "inert" ingredients) may be toxic and may enhance or supplement the toxic effects of the active pesticidal ingredient.
Whatever the source of the mysterious one-boated image supplied by Yale and shown entirely misleadingly at the Clark might have been, it was not made by Carrick.
Jack Hitt ["Mighty White of You," July] misleadingly suggests that George McJunkin discovered the original Clovis points site in 1908.
A welcome and scholarly contribution to the Free Will vs Divine Determination debate within seminarian theological discussions, The Most Real Being is also recommended reading for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in this often misunderstood and misleadingly simplified aspect of Christian belief.
By omitting and minimizing the risks associated with Seasonale, the TV ad misleadingly suggests that Seasonale is safer than has been demonstrated by substantial evidence or substantial clinical experience," the FDA said in a letter.
A member of the public believed that a competitor's website had lower fares, and complained that the ad misleadingly implied that the airline's website had the lowest available fares for Lufthansa flights.