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Hollywood VOTE submitted affidavits from 25 residents saying they were misled into signing the East Hollywood petitions.
It was expected that misled participants receiving the inoculation would perform similar to those participants not misled and would differ from those misled but not receiving the inoculation.
Misled subjects were as certain of their errors as control subjects were of their correct responses.
And, they note, even a misled subject who remembers originally seeing a stop sign might reason that the experimenter who prepared misleading information knows what is in the slides--hence, the sign must have been a yield sign.
The entire industry and consumers have been misled by Grey Goose's deceptive and misleading advertising campaign," explained Gill.
The PUC ordered a formal investigation Thursday, following GTE's admission last November that some management employees altered a document and misled the PUC.
Customers are ``entitled to know who they're dealing with and not be misled that the government is charging a fee for this service,'' Schwartz said.
The counterclaims note that in taking such action, Tenet failed to comply with SEC proxy rules designed "to ensure that shareholders are fully and fairly informed about the matters at issue and are not misled or deceived in voting their shares.
More specifically, plaintiff alleges that Nanophase improperly booked revenue and misled shareholders with respect to a "deal" Nanophase made with Celox, Ltd for the sale of a nanocrystalline environmental catalyst.
As a result of these false and misleading statements and material omissions, the Amended Complaint alleges that purchasers were misled about the true value of the Debt Securities and their seniority relative to other Owens Corning debt.
The Complaint further alleges that OPUS misled investors as to the acceptance of XCHANGE by customers and the true usability of the product.
NASDAQ: PGEX): Class Period: May 13, 1999 - March 31, 2000: The lawsuit alleges that during the Class Period, the Company misled investors by materially overstating its earnings for the first, second and third quarters of 1999, thus causing the Company's stock to trade at artificially inflated prices.