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But he was no longer there, having withdrawn on the previous evening to La Bassee, misled by false intelligence of the enemy's movements.
Vanderburgh made up by activity and intelligence for his ignorance of the country; was always wary, always on the alert; discovered every movement of his rivals, however secret and was not to be eluded or misled.
I may be misled in yours--may have flattered myself with being able to accomplish that at some distant day, which your obduracy may deny me, but in my own feelings I cannot be mistaken.
Lest the reader, however, should be misled, I wish to add, that these two worthies are not to be taken as specimens of New York morality at all--no place on earth being more free from fortune-hunters, or of a higher tone of social morals in this delicate particular.
Reuter to her senses; her sagacity, her judgment, so long misled by a fascinating delusion, struck again into the right track the moment that delusion vanished.
If I am in error, he will merely suppose that I have been misled by some circumstance into which he will not take the trouble to inquire.
Not all her precautions, however, could save her from being suspected of something better; or, perhaps, her very display of the importance of a spare room might have misled Sir Thomas to suppose it really intended for Fanny.
That is true, monsieur," said Mousqueton; "the pleasures have misled us.
What you did, Mary, misled four people into thinking you--you meant to do away with yourself.
He hung my boots on the main-truck, and he ain't over an' above respectful to such as knows more'n he do, especially about farmin'; but he were mostly misled by Dan.
He styled all natives 'niggers'; yet servants and sweepers called him abominable names to his face, and, misled by their deferential attitude, he never understood.
She had "hoped for the pleasure of her company for a much longer time -- had been misled (perhaps by her wishes) to suppose that a much longer visit had been promised -- and could not but think that if Mr.