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It was the most mismanaged election in KP history," he said and demanded an enquiry of the rigging elections complaints.
Charbel complained that the renovations had not prioritized the basic needs of prisoners and that funds had been mismanaged.
One surprising finding is that many malpractice cases today are not due to medical negligence, but to poor communications and mismanaged expectations.
The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war," observed Ernest Hemingway.
It's no secret that a number of conservatives, Newt Gingrich chief among them, are trying to drive Colin Powell out of the State Department and install one of their own, on the grounds that Powell has totally mismanaged the department.
I could go on about the paltry pickings that pass for food within the school lunch program, but it is not my purpose here to launch into a polemic about corrupt systems of government, mismanaged bureaucracies, bloated and inept budgets, and the inevitable deprivation of children caught up in these systems.
The Dutch PFA is alleged to have mismanaged the funds, investing a large proportion on the stock market and losing over pounds 40 million of the players' money.
Brett resigned from his pounds 80,000 job after a parliamentary investigation found he and three colleagues had mismanaged public funds.
The prefectural police are trying to determine if the missing evidence is somehow linked to theft and other cases that the Ogasawara Police Station in the town allegedly mismanaged from fiscal 1998 to 1999.
If the brand is mismanaged, it won't be the head of marketing who faces the analysts.
Aeromexico, a Mexican airline, is being taken to court by the Peruvian government which claims that the carrier wilfully mismanaged Aeroperu, a struggling Peruvian airline.
A key concern, some officials say, has been the Treasury Department's inability to head off new IMF aid packages for Turkey and Argentina despite tough rhetoric against international aid for countries that have mismanaged their economies.