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He said reasonable measures are being taken to ensure utilizing of educational available resources in right direction, despite in this regard, performances of education officials and institutions are being monitored for preventing mismanagement activities in province.
MCA Patrick Bundotich for Tarakwa Ward gave the notice of motion to impeach Rotich on grounds of gross incompetence and mismanagement. Bundotich is a member of the Health Committee at the assembly.
He said the fall of foreign exchange reserves, economic and administrative issues and mismanagement in utility companies were the example of poor governance.
The new airport had already been criticised by the opposition for its drainage of the State funds- the fact that after such a hefty budget, there is still enormous mismanagement which now needs more money to correct is a huge wastage of money.
California [USA], Nov 11 ( ANI ): US President Donald Trump called for proper forest management to combat California's wildfires, days after threatening to cut off federal payments due to mismanagement.
The inquiry committee has also been constituted to probe mismanagement, irregularities, corruption and misusing of authority in medical college in last six years but she took stay order and was now harassing the doctors who did not support her.
Consecutive droughts, climate change, shortage of water, mismanagement of local natural resources, population growth, dependence on rain fed agriculture, less importance given to livestock management on scientific basis are the main causes of food insecurity in Thar especially and particularly in rural Sindh; told by speakers on occasion of world food day celebration held here near Chachro, Tharparkar.
QUETTA -- The Pakistan Peoples Party, Balochistan chapter and other political parties have announced they will hold a shutter-down strike on Friday (today) in Naseerabad against the alleged ballot rigging and mismanagement at women polling stations in the July 25 general elections.
The House of Representatives will conduct a congressional inquiry into allegations of massive fraud and operational mismanagement allegedly committed by key officials of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth).
Senator JV Ejercito on Tuesday expressed fears that the Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) would collapse if financial mismanagement at the national health insurer would continue.
Despite all the assurances which were given by the Boards of Education prior to the exams for the prevention of cheating, use of unlawful means during the examination are reported from almost all the examination centres of the province which openly exhibits the mismanagement of the concerned Boards.
QUETTA: Audit General of Pakistan has been playing effective role to end financial mismanagement in all government departments Governor Balochistan said.In a meeting with Auditor General Balochistan Mehmood Amir on Wednesday Governor Balochistan Muhammad Khan Achakzai lauded Auditor General performance in recovering billions of rupees embezzled in Government Departments.