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From their discontented state, from the repeated removals from islet to islet, and perhaps also from a little mismanagement, things are not very prosperous.
An orphan at fourteen, the mismanagement of his guardians kept him always in financial difficulties, and he was taken from school and apprenticed to a suburban surgeon.
He evidently regarded the innkeeper as in some singular way an authority on motor cars; as being deep in the secrets of the mechanism, management, and mismanagement of motor cars; holding the man all the time with a glittering eye like the Ancient Mariner.
Chief Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema, while talking to reporter, dispelled the fact that traffic mess in the city caused is by traffic mismanagements and ongoing development works, adding the CTP has to put traffic on alternative routes, which doubles the traffic flow on certain routes.
LAHORE -- Traffic gridlock has become a routine at all important thoroughfares of the provincial capital due to mismanagement by the city traffic police as thousands of motorists remain stuck in gridlock during peak hours.
He reiterated that those who are trying to conceal electoral mismanagements and rigging should be brought to justice and be charged with treason.
Exactly one year after general elections 2013, opposition parties are gearing up to hold massive demonstrations against the ongoing crises, mismanagement, bad governance and alleged election rigging.