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One wonders if there would have been such a to-do with this case if the person accused of mismanaging the pension fund had been a man.
SACRAMENTO - Accused of mismanaging a federal voting-rights program, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley disputed the allegations on Monday and blamed some problems on the Legislature and Gov.
It is true that mismanaging your debt can land you in a lot of trouble.
But in Nevada, where the majority of the herds hail from, the BLM has come under fire for allegedly mismanaging rangeland by failing to reign in the wild mustangs population.
The counterclaims allege that by falsely inflating claims reserves and collateral requirements and mismanaging claims and claims payments on behalf of Cura, CNA breached the terms of the workers' compensation insurance policy and the fiduciary duties owed to Cura.
More than a year ago, we warned the Disney board that we believed Michael Eisner was mismanaging the Pixar partnership and expressed our concern that the relationship was in jeopardy,'' they said in a statement.
Resources spent on mismanaging remnants are also greatly minimized.
AFTER mismanaging the energy crisis and sticking California's economy and families with billions in extra electricity costs, you would think Gov.
Caro fired his wife from her office manager job not because she was mismanaging the finances, as prosecutors claimed, but so that he could carry on the affair, Farley said.
Large and mid-sized companies continue to pay a hefty price for mismanaging their invoice payment processes, so concludes a comprehensive research report made available today by Captiva Software Corp.
A 1998 state audit, requested by Assemblyman George Runner, R-Lancaster, faulted officials for mismanaging courthouse construction projects across Los Angeles County.