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At the same time, the risks of mismanaging recorded information are high, and the need to 'align technologies for managing recorded information with enterprise-planning initiatives is great.
If Washington secures the ability to regulate the insurance industry, it is more than probable that taxpayers will have to fund a bailout if the federal government continues its history of mismanaging complex businesses.
Either the Assembly government is lying about its spending on education or the councils and school governing bodies are mismanaging the money.
The commission also blamed successive Belgian government officials and Sabena executives for mismanaging the airline and not defending its interests in the face of Swissair, reported Reuters.
Tim Brett quit as chief executive of Tayside Health Board last August after mismanaging public funds.
Policemen in Kushigata, Yamanashi Prefecture, are under suspicion of covering up missing evidence and mismanaging cases, the prefectural police said Wednesday.
Both were talking about Carol Galley (above), the millionaire City superwoman who worked for stockbrokers Merrill Lynch and who has been accused of mismanaging Unilever's pension fund by the company's pensions chief Wendy Mayall.
In a widely watched speech, he attacked the government for mismanaging the economy and failing to address poverty and problems in the health care system.
It appears unlikely that the government will prosecute any officer for mismanaging or embezzling funds from these enterprises.
British Nuclear Fuels Ltd (BNFL) has been fined a mere GBP24,000 (Euro 40,000) for the breach, between 16 February and 24 May this year, of safety regulations agreed one year earlier and for mismanaging some 1,613 sealed radioactive sources.
The ruling stems from a suit filed by Moore's former husband, Charles Huggins, claiming his reputation and management business were damaged by three 1994 Daily News items that accused Huggins of being abusive toward Moore and mismanaging the couple's finances.
But mismanaging the first course of treatment means that patients end up with the specialists anyway, resorting to alternative combinations that may not perform as well.