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The complaint alleges that Smothermon caused to be mismarked the daily mark-to-market value of his NYMEX futures positions, and that on several occasions, he directed gas division employees to make changes in the entries in the companys system relating to the terms and values of physical trades by the gas division.
From the Scarborough Shoal incident to the thousands of Chinese moving here and acting like they own the place to mismarked maps in Chinese textbooks to "Chinese Only" eateries right here in the country to this latest terrible maritime act that we all know was no accident.
Pursuing the adjudication process to ensure corrections on mismarked data likewise requires substantial resources.
While the rules have changed since that decision by the joke that is the USGA, on that day she was charged 2 strokes for committing a foul on the green, when she might have -- might have -- mismarked her ball by a fraction while trying to avoid stepping on the line of her playing partner.
Jose Rizal, keeping it in a secret, intentionally mismarked grave until the bones were exhumed in August 1898 and transferred in 1913 to the spot that would become the national hero's monument in Luneta.
"Hmph," my aunt said, "must have been mismarked." But we didn't stop.
According to the agency, the mismarked order tickets resulted in the firm maintaining inaccurate books and records.
colluded with traders on a Turkish market to "mark the close" on the last trading day of the month in April, May and June 2014, by creating closing prices that would match his mismarks. He did so to avoid the Firm's internal controls and conceal his mismarking;
"When you have a mismarked cable, and these are big electric cables, it becomes a very complex situation because mismarked cables are extremely dangerous," Harwood said.
Wiring was "mashed," antenna motor shafts sheared, antenna leads mismarked, and "numerous small items" requiring attention pointed to the inexperience of the Ohio production line with building ferret aircraft.
While he said tongue-in-cheek that garbage is not brain surgery, the combination of unlabeled or mismarked containers, time pressures on the collection crews, and the extra effort to open and check each container lead to many of the gripes.