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All tested positive for mismatch repair defects and had failed to respond to at least one prior therapy.
Patients with dMMR or MSI-H metastatic CRC are less likely to benefit from conventional chemotherapy and typically have a poor prognosis, with lower survival rates on conventional chemotherapy than patients whose tumors are mismatch repair proficient.
In existing literature, job mismatch phenomenon can be divided in to three categories: qualification-job mismatch, skill-job mismatch, and the mismatch between the field of study and the job.
In the paper, according to RSAS, "Modrich demonstrated the requirement of DNA polymerase III, exo-nuclease I, and DNA ligase for mismatch repair.
3], pop)} guess a mismatch on the symbol 1 when encountering X on top of the stack and enter state [q.
To examine the effects of alcohol use and bipolar disorder on mismatch negativity, EEG with auditory stimuli investigators performed on 42 bipolar disorder patients and 34 control subjects aged 16-30 years, reported Kate M.
More than any other action in the Action Plan, hybrid mismatch transactions will merely migrate to those nations that fail to adopt the final recommendations or adopt them piecemeal.
To determine the effect of mismatches on qPCR amplification, we introduced specific nucleotide changes into both the template and forward primers [see RDML file 1 (for results) and Table 3 (for mismatch frequencies) in the online Data Supplement].
This systemic risk measure calculates the net unhedged foreign currency liabilities as a percentage of total assets and can be characterized, in fact, as a novel currency mismatch index.
CHICAGO -- A mismatch between breast size and detector size during mammography resulted in significantly higher doses of radiation for women with large breasts in a study of 886 patients.
There is a mismatch between the time structure of the savings and the investment.