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Few economists have provided another dimension of the turnover by relating it with the qualification-job mismatch [Alba (1993); and Sloane, et al.
'Kasama sa pag-aayos ng mismatch na ito ang pagpapalakas sa K-12 curriculum, partikular sa Senior High School.
Villanueva said that in the 18th Congress he is planning to push for measures that "will help resolve job-skills mismatch by strengthening the linkage between education, training and the labor market."
BEL has made a record as there is not a single case of mismatch between EVMs and VVPAT machines.
The jobs-skills mismatch persists in several industries, despite efforts to address the problem.
The legislation aims to address the skills mismatch and ensure employability of students upon graduation by using feedback from employers to better develop the school's curriculum and training programs.
The European Center for the Development of Vocational Training by Cedefop (2012) published the results of their researches on the role of companies in overcoming skill mismatches. The publications noted that companies with certain characteristics such as low salary levels and poor working conditions--such as in the tourism industry, hotels, and restaurants--were thought to be easier to experience skill mismatch conditions.
Nazli (2004) discussed reasons of education-occupation mismatch. These are, as meager level of information about job opportunities, poor level of information, geographical barriers, gender and race etc.
Upon encountering a mispair, the heterodimer is anchored by PheX-Glu to the minor groove of the duplex at the mismatch site to ensign the assembly or nearby localization of the excision repair machinery.
Mismatch in jobs and qualification is among key outstanding problems that the SWTS data gathered from the interview with thousands of stakeholders, over half of them young workers with tertiary qualifications.
KlenTaq performs better at 3' mismatch discrimination (19) and extends quickly (20) compared to most DNA polymerases under PCR conditions.
Scientists who study the changes in plants and animals triggered by seasons have a term for this: phenological mismatch. And they're still trying to understand exactly how such mismatches -- like the blooming of a flower before its pollinator emerges -- might affect ecosystems.