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For position studies, 8 mismatched base pairs were examined at 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 bases from the 3' end with use of 112 templates derived from matched templates 1 and 2 (Fig.
She also believes that mismatched earrings will be a classic staple to a modern woman like the next royal bride.
Hares in the southern regions of their range have demonstrated lower weekly survival when camouflage is mismatched, with no behavioural plasticity to reduce these costs, and this situation is predicted to cause population decline in the future (Zimova et al., 2014, 2016).
Tattoo artist Karima, 37, who is best known for her calligrams Arabic writing technique which she uses in her art work and jewellery, said: "Noora and I have been designing bohemian chic jewellery together for about three years now and most of our earrings are mismatched. I think women are wearing mismatched earrings because it is a little more edgy and creative.
As one-third of the female graduates are mismatched, either with irrelevant or weak relevant category; however, less than one-fourth of the male graduates are falling in these first two categories (Table 4).
This study reveals that comparing the predicted binding affinity of HLA class II mismatched-derived self or nonself peptides helps distinguishing immunogenic HLA class II mismatches that lead to the formation of DSA from nonimmunogenic ones after HLA mismatched kidney transplantation.
However, the channels are always mismatched, and the performance of interference suppression is also limited.
With LTC3300-1, applications such as electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid EVs, and large energy storage systems using cells with mismatched capacities are no longer limited by the lowest capacity cell in the stack.
MutS is thought to bind tightly to the mismatched bases that are generated by mishybridization between primer and template to block the association of a DNA polymerase.
Overskilled workers are employed, but they are underutilised and mismatched, in that their skills and abilities are not a good match with the requirements of the job.
Screening mammogram patients with correctly matched breast and detector sizes received an average mean glandular dose per breast of 3.3 mGy, compared with 4.9 mGy for mismatched patients with large breasts.
These events can lead to panics and cause mismatched banks and companies to find themselves in financial troubles.