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She also believes that mismatched earrings will be a classic staple to a modern woman like the next royal bride.
I think women are wearing mismatched earrings because it is a little more edgy and creative.
As one-third of the female graduates are mismatched, either with irrelevant or weak relevant category; however, less than one-fourth of the male graduates are falling in these first two categories (Table 4).
9 mGy for mismatched patients with large breasts (P value less than.
By eliminating or reducing the amount of maturity roll over, the maturity mismatched bank can suffer severe liquidity problems, resulting in a falling stock price and benefits reaped by the speculators.
Like mismatched minority students," Sowell writes, "mismatched minority faculty have sought refuge in non-intellectual pursuits, such as community activities and campus political activism, in denunciation of standards they do not meet, and in complaints about the moral shortcomings of colleagues or of American society in general.
This second shift value is computed by taking the already-matched suffix of p to the right of the first mismatched character and by finding the next leftward occurrence of it in p.
Matching the effective maturities of assets and liabilities was not a concern, because there was no significant interest rate risk to the mismatched portfolios.
Similarly, more than one-fourth of the graduates are mismatched in skill, about half of them are over-skilled and the half are under-skilled.
Findings include: (1) Expectations in apprentice and trainee employment arrangements are similar in most respects to that of other employment relationships; (2) Mismatched perceptions of the other parties' obligations are not a major issue, but there are differences in the perceptions of the extent to which obligations are being met; (3) Both parties consider the provision of training as the employers' most important obligation, but apprentices and trainees perceive that employers do not always deliver on their training obligations.