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The shameless mismatches, that saw the two Indonesians getting stopped cold one after the other inside one minute of the first round, drew severe criticism from fans and experts who branded the foul bouts garbage.
1993) Mismatches in Spanish Labour Market: Over-education?
Modrich's conclusion was that DNA mismatch repair is a natural process that corrects mismatches that occur when DNA is copied, recognizing the defect strand by its unmethylated state.
This means that the symbols that mismatch are legitimate mismatches as depicted in the figure 01 above.
TEI commends the OECD for its approach of targeting only the tax effects of the use of hybrid mismatches rather than recharacterising the instruments or entities underlying the mismatch.
One of these, mismatches and overly-aggressive tax planning on either side of the borders involved, is the subject of these proceedings from the Amsterdam Center for Tax Law at their conference of 2013.
In the final phase, we introduced mismatches at the 3' terminal position of all forward primers and at positions 19-23 of the template, yielding a total of up to 36 forward primers (9 shifted primers times 4 end-base variants) and 16 templates (1 base template and 3 base variants at 5 positions).
The research firm said that banks were relying more on short term deposits for giving long term loans, creating huge asset liability mismatches for many banks.
Despite the sizeable number of mismatches in the study, not all women will be faced with this problem when they arrive for their mammogram, Dr.
The Council for Selection of Judges can not work properly until law mismatches are resolved, Council Chairman Shamara Maichiev told reporters on Thursday.