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The main idea is as follows: the mismatching symbols x [i] and x [2n - i + 1] are pointed by the double arrows in figure01.
3) In this article it is argued that a 100 percent reserve system can still bring about artificial booms by maturity mismatching if there is a central bank or government support and guarantees for the banking system.
The potential for mismatching shareholder income and corporate expense under this rule does not exist if the corporation and shareholder both use a calendar year.
Matching and mismatching junior high school learning-disabled and emotionally-handicapped students' perceptual preferences with mathematics scores.
Hence social and geographical contexts may be invoked in qualitative interviews which may produce mismatching with quantitative data in certain cases.
In those universities that have acceded to financial incentives to downgrade the quality of their enrollments, to the mismatching of minority students, and to the grade inflation necessary to graduate the misfits, it is little wonder that many talented faculty hesitate to commit large proportions of their time to undergraduate instruction.
Third, even though unemployment in Switzerland is low compared to other European countries, it appears that the Swiss economy could not escape job mismatching [Fluckiger et al.
For the mismatching character in the text string, t[k+m-1], the BM algorithm uses a precomputed table to find the index of its first leftward occurrence from the end of the pattern string.
The ECM Method resulted from a year-long study in which ISMI members contributed data on how their fabs identified and corrected chamber mismatching issues.
Conversely, HLA mismatching increases the likelihood that the recipient's immune system will reject the transplanted tissue.
This holding relies on the view that the OID provisions are designed to "match" the holders OID income with the issuers OID deduction and that permitting the holder to suspend accruals of OID would result in the very mismatching that the OID provisions were enacted to avoid.