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Consequently, All that is on offer is patronising city region comprised of a number of misnamed unitary authorities.
In fact, trainers must be the most misnamed type of footwear ever, considering they are invariably worn by chaps with the circumference of Billy Bunter whose idea of training is seeing how many Big Macs and fries they can eat in one sitting.
Some critics of the misnamed ''ground zero mosque'' would argue that if the Dove World Outreach Center ought to exercise restraint, so should the organizers of the Islamic center.
Living well with heart failure, the misnamed, misunderstood condition.
Living Well with Heart Failure: The Misnamed, Misunderstood Condition" is a complete and comprehensive guide to heart failure, which Edward K.
Yes, Koalas are as lazy, stupid, cuddly, misnamed and dangerous as you thought they were.
Misnamed Cedric The Entertainer awakes next to a dead FBI agent and a briefcase full of money with a bump on the head and no memory.
warned emphatically against a nuclear armed Iran, noting that "greatest threat facing the world today is the marriage between religious fanaticism and the weapons of mass destruction" and urged international action to prevent such a development; and --flayed the UN Human Rights Council ("a misnamed institution if there ever was one") for its report condemning Israel for human rights violations during its December 2008 actions against Hamas "terrorists" in Gaza.
Adds Bryan Fischer, AFA's director of Issue Analysis, "Planned Parenthood's grossly misnamed 'safe sex' message has been responsible for a tragic loss of sexual innocence among America's youth and untold unwanted pregnancies and widespread sexually-transmitted diseases.
7 million jobs lost since late 2007 have meant lower revenues from the payroll taxes used to fund these two misnamed "entitlement" programs, and the looming retirement of tens of millions of baby boomers will quite possibly strain them to the breaking point.
pork industry deal with the negative effects of what initially was misnamed "swine" influenza but now is known as the H1N1 flu.
Specifically, the new resource focuses on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA H.