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When all consumers suffer the same harm and perceive risk accurately, all of the liability rules are efficient, but when consumers misperceive risk, only strict liability remains efficient.
Rivals misperceive conflict as a function of how important an issue is to their own side rather than how important it may be to their rival.
As his character's recollections of the events culminating in his mother's death weigh in upon him more and more, Fiennes ratchets up the level of anguish; the fervor of his compulsive efforts to ward off bad feelings and thoughts by scribbling nonsense hieroglyphics in his notebook; and, toward the end, the increasing paranoid concern that Mother will seek revenge on him as he begins to misperceive the woman who runs the board and care home (Lynn Redgrave) as his mother (also briefly played at this point by Ms.
Over time, however, an emotionally constricted physician comes across as rigid and senior management may misperceive the physician's lack of affection as lack of enthusiasm.
Despite the neutral to slightly positive evaluation, most respondents did not personally identify as feminists, possibly because they misperceive others' attitudes toward feminists as more negative than they actually are.
Without appropriate instruction and involvement, families can misperceive some of the facility's actions as being due to short staffing," Field cautions.
For example, one expert believes that "citizens tended to drastically misperceive the power arrangement in their communities, seeing more competition than actually existed.
Whether it is the depressed or the non-depressed among us who misperceive (see, for example, Shelley F.
Without the day to day experience of the patient's irresponsibility, impulsivity, or other problems, or of the duties, other relatives as well as we, can easily misperceive the caretaker as being too protective or restrictive, or too neglectful or uncaring.
My second main agenda is to explore some implications for market outcomes, welfare, and policy of the possibility that consumers misperceive certain aspects of products.
Researchers claimed that parents routinely misperceive their youngest child to be smaller and younger than he or she really was.