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Although both people would be reporting honestly that they have no homicidal ideas, the latter has a much lower threshold for killing in misperceived self-defense.
Police spokesman said that they misperceived them as dacoit due to nighttime and therefore, opened fire while the villagers were offering funeral prayers.
I am of course concerned that people not be harmed, perhaps irreparably, by weapons misperceived as nonlethal, but which in fact are capable of causing serious injury and even death.
In the group of participants who were actually overweight or obese, 37% misperceived their weight as lighter than their actual weight status.
When you are in talks of this kind, you have to recognize the interests and perceptions of the other side, and both sides should be cautious about actions that might be either misperceived within the region or that might be exploited by those who want to create obstacles," he added.
I misperceived the pressure that the entire maintenance department was feeling in trying to manage maintenance requirements in a challenging environment.
Obese patients who misperceived their body size were also less likely to see a physician.
Created in 2007 and currently headquartered in Germany, AFRICOM is often misperceived as a tool for expanding American influence.
McChrystal's report was supposed to have been submitted on August 12, a week before the August 20 Afghan election, but concerns that it could be misperceived and made into a political issue and affect the polls delayed it until Monday.
The theft of critical equipment like this could put lives at risk, as could the inappropriate use of any stolen or misperceived drugs.
Misperceived pre-pregnancy body weight status predicts excessive gestational weight gain: findings from a US cohort study.