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Social norms and general sexual satisfaction: The cost of misperceived descriptive norms.
McChrystal's report was supposed to have been submitted on August 12, a week before the August 20 Afghan election, but concerns that it could be misperceived and made into a political issue and affect the polls delayed it until Monday.
The theft of critical equipment like this could put lives at risk, as could the inappropriate use of any stolen or misperceived drugs.
Misperceived pre-pregnancy body weight status predicts excessive gestational weight gain: findings from a US cohort study.
The hardest-to-read women were being misperceived at a much higher rate than the hardest-to-read men.
This Album"Al Ganna fi Byoutna" has been misperceived as a religious album, but fans and industry alike are realizing that this album about life, family and beauty, subsequently this has created a huge buzz for Tamer who is always seemingly seen as controversial.
RTI is often misperceived as a special education initiative instead of a process that can help any struggling student.
Information may get lost, miscommunicated or misperceived during its transmission and translation, more so if the information reaches its recipient from secondary and tertiary sources.
In addition, elderly persons with misperceived financial management assistance needs are identified.
Problems of social desirability and misperceived self attributes may influence results.
Attendance point policies are often misperceived to be negative and counterproductive, but in practice they reinforce accountability and reward the top-performing employees who managers value the most.
Love and passion misperceived can destroy relationships.