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"Until we realize that Native people have a highly developed, formal, but radically different set of cultural imperatives, we are likely to continue misinterpreting their acts, misperceiving the real problems they face and imposing, through government policies, potentially harmful `remedies," writes Ross, in his 1992 book, Dancing With a Ghost.
The report went on to say that "some uncertainty will inevitably exist as to whether those experiencing or observing the conduct are misperceiving innocent conduct or whether others who fail to observe biased conduct are insensitive to it."
The problem with this argument is that it depends on cardholders persistently misperceiving their own behavior.
In accordance with the threat-signal hypothesis, psychological scientist Emily Balcetis of New York University and colleagues reasoned that if we need to be increasingly prepared to act as a threat gets closer, then we're best served by misperceiving objects as being closer to us the more threatening they are.