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We found high and persistent prevalence of weight misperception among ninth through 12th grade U.
In order to prevent or reverse the effects of substance related misperceptions among youth and to stimulate the adoption of positive health behaviours, normative educational interventions attempt to correct misperceptions by educating groups with the correct information on actual attitudinal and behavioural norms of their peers (Cuijpers, 2002; Linkenbach & Perkins, 2003; Perkins & Craig, 2003; McGrath, Sumnall & Bellis, 2006).
Misperception of weight status has been proposed as one possible explanation for the limited success of obesity prevention interventions (Kuchler and Variyam 2003).
Considering these misperceptions, it is understandable that most Americans don't pressure their legislators to make college access more of a funding priority.
Many American Muslims report that the enhanced scrutiny they have faced since--has prompted them spend a tot of time correcting misperceptions about Islam.
This could be due to misperceptions regarding the aspects of a particular type of disability.
The people with insomnia had similar misperceptions, the but good sleepers didn't.
When news organizations use such distorting frames, their consumers, predictably, end up with misperceptions of news events.
Terrorism (0737722460) outlines common misperceptions of what makes terrorism, presents contrasting arguments over courses of action which will make America a safer place, and is packed with articles covering all sides of the issue.
Public knowledge of forestry practices has improved over the years, but some misperceptions about the state of Ontario's forests still persist due to "junk science" and environmental alarmism, say officials with two of the country's largest forest company associations.
There are many misperceptions about what members in this program do.
However, they seemed to have many of the same nutrition misperceptions about beef that general consumers do, so we had some hurdles to cross," says Teigen.