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Library Smart Shelf system can be divided into 2 parts which are inventory part and misplace part.
Because of yearend revelry wherein Australians would consume alcohol or travel to other places, many adults would misplace their wallets and bags, resulting in lost credit cards.
synonyms: misplace and mislay mean to put in the wrong place.
If the users unknowingly misplace their phone under a cushion or other places, they just need to go to their PC and sign in to their Google account and using the app they can call up their phone to hear it ring.
Not only are you less likely to misplace them, keeping them together also makes it much easier to review your savings regularly and keep track of your financial affairs.
Two research groups this week report that criss-crossing lasers can squander or misplace energy that fusion labs will need to set off wee thermonuclear blasts.
The artist misplaces Florida, drawing it as closer to the Carolina coast than it actually is.