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Several considerations have been offered to prevent intraoperative misplacement or malposition of a ureteral stent.
Misplacement of the device could have occurred after placement or during reflow due to board movement or vibration.
At every step of the cell division, chromosomes must be precisely segregated without any kind of misplacement between two daughter cells.
A case of severe misplacement can occur only when the lost object has not turned up in any of the places where one thinks it might be.
Two of these cartoons use an anachronism--the misplacement of a person or thing in time--for humorous effect.
As well as the processing advantages to component moulders, the technology enables car makers and Tier 1 suppliers to mount parts more easily due to the exact positioning of the elastomeric seal or gasket on to the thermoplastic part, so reducing the risk of potential misplacement and consequent leakage.
From creation to submission with payroll, the documents touched more than half a dozen pairs of hands, sometimes delaying payment and increasing the likelihood of misplacement.
We would like to extend our sympathy to Mrs Brown and her family at their sad loss and apologise unreservedly for the unacceptable misplacement of her mother's belongings.
He set out to fill that void, and quickly realized why it was there: records were scarce and patchy, having been lost over nearly two centuries to fire, budget cuts and lack of space, and sometimes just misplacement.
Since 'that' rant against Ferguson, it is impossible to read about Benitez without reference to "mind games" and misplacement of plots.
If this sounds too familiar, that's because it's essentially the story behind the Los Angeles Unified School District's misplacement of millions in new technology over the past four years.
Both he and the doctors had hoped that the misplacement would have been corrected by now, but it is still giving him problems.