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sup][6],[7] Misplacement of the superior vena cava (SVC) can lead to the perforation of the cava or the right atrium, which are associated with serious sequelae.
Complications included pressure sores in 5(14%) patients, and misplacement of screws in 1 case.
The criticality of pedicle screw placement has been highlighted by published reports showing that high rates of misplacements can lead to such serious complications as quadriplegia.
The show entitled Misplacements Displacements is the effort of Amna Hashmi, Abid Aslam and Hira Zubair to bring gather diverse ideas and techniques to address the issues with the medium of art.
The first day of polling was marked by widespread irregularities of names missing, misplacements and delays which were squarely blamed on administrative and technical errors instead of intentional attempt of fraudulence.
Statistically, these defects, along with component misplacements, are usually in the minority.
The company will also handle site preparation, hauling material to the proper facility and environmental site management, which protects clients from contaminated soil misplacements.
So far, Blobel's work has not led to ways to correct such misplacements, but scientists have attached secretory Zip Codes to proteins that they plan to produce in yeast, bacteria, or plants.
The sureFLEX series eliminates the need for converters to powder rolls prior to processing and offers more open time for label misplacements at dispensing.
The show Misplacements Displacements will continue till October 19.