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This offers the potential to reduce revision cases due to the misplacement of pedicle screws.
Babies born with such cardiac misplacements often die or require extensive surgery.
Donna Rounds, Martina Brueckner, and their coworkers have been studying a mutant gene that causes a misplacement of the heart in mice.
According to published studies, pedicle screws show high rates of misplacements that can lead to a number of serious complications for patients, including paralysis.
Anything we can do to help us get a safer screw insertion is certainly worthwhile, given that published rates of pedicle screw misplacements are as high as 20 percent.
NEW YORK -- ad pepper media, the international online advertising network and semantic advertising technology solutions provider, today launched the SiteScreen for Agencies platform, enabling advertising agencies to apply its ground-breaking SiteScreen semantic brand protection technology across their entire range of online media buys to effectively prevent ad misplacements.
By analyzing each and every webpage across the SiteScreen Network, the technology helps advertisers protect themselves against brand damaging ad misplacements by preventing their ads from loading next to potentially objectionable content.