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Following the incident the captain and crew members apologised repeatedly, insisting that it was a misprint.
Writing on his website, under the pseudonym The Rt Reverend Jimmy Quickly, Costello told fans he was "unable to recommend" The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook "as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire.
These are not so much misprints as an example of an unfortunate grasp of the English language.
The one-of-a-kind 1855 misprint was sold to a group of buyers who asked that their identities and the winning bid be kept confidential, said auctioneer David Feldman.
A day after this slip- up was reported in a vernacular publication and snowballed into a controversy in the LKA's 70- member council, Sharma said: " It was nothing but internal politicking despite a clarification about the misprint.
The application notes contain recommended operating parameters for inline, batch, ultrasonic, stencil and misprint cleaning.
09), was this a senior moment on my part or even a misprint that Middlesbrough Council paid pounds 25,000 to clear part of Longridge site last December?
StencilWasher MP automatic misprint and stencil cleaner removes non-reflowed solder paste and adhesives from assemblies, stencils and screens, including reflowed assemblies.
I was wondering if the Echo had a misprint in its April 3 edition showing the community police officers, as Pc Ian Beacall was clearly not speaking about Trowbridge.
I was looking through the June 2005 edition, and in the "IMA 2004 Salary Survey" article, there's a misprint.
The 'maturity' of Katerina Bohmova is just a misprint in her Tour stats, giving her birthdate as January 22, 1958