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"Posting photos of alleged misprinted banknotes on social media causes confusion which may negatively affect commerce."
The BSP issued a statement saying the misprints were 'rare' and were isolated cases.
The Examiner motto, I might point out, is the Might of Right, a subtlety our cousins across the pond would probably think was a misprint.
There is a misprint in the first movement: The arpeggiated chords in the treble clef in the last line should all be the same: F-sharp, A, C-sharp, F, A-flat, C, E.
The Italian government misprinted sterilization certificates for some of the meat-and-bone meal (MBM) feed imported to Japan from Italy before June 1998, the Japanese farm ministry said Wednesday in a progress report on its investigation into the outbreak of mad cow disease last year.
The raison d'etre of the book is to catalogue a plethora of misprints and bad texts that have appeared in advice columns, recipes, advertising campaigns and the like, mixed together with various stories about bad restaurants, local food specialities and anything else the author has found with a food related theme.
As usual, attention to details can eliminate unwanted conditions such as solder paste misprints and the need for removing uncured misprinted solder paste from boards.
-THERE were a number of misprints to the solutions to Saturday's Quizword.
He can describe things well when he wants to and he puts forward here his usual arguments for the V&A spiral in a cogent and convincing way (albeit with some misprints).
MARK: Yet my scorecard is riddled with misprints. I'm not sure, but it seems that what we knew as vendors are setting up complex partnerships to provide (dare I say it?) end-to-end solutions.
Hundreds of Montana Power bills had misprints in September, including that of a couple whose electricity was $50 billion.
However, dense prose and many misprints hurt the book.