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Of sixteen grand jurors, seven voted to indict Wilkinson for misprision of treason (Wheelan 2005, 168).
and British governments, however, the Dole Government dismissed that charge and instead tried the Hawaiian monarch for misprision of treason, which was not a death penalty offense.
The first Congress legislated "misprision of treason" as a misdemeanor offense.
In the sixteenth century, failure to report a crime was given the name "misprision of felony" (14) (or "misprision of treason" in the case of treason).
In English common law, the separate offense of misprision of treason derived from the premise that a person who does not report that another is planning a treasonable offense should be deemed to be committing treason.
Note, however, that during the beginning of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Charles Pinckney proposed that only Congress should have the exclusive power to declare what should be treason and misprision of treason against the United States.
The Zambian government said yesterday that it would charge former president Kenneth Kaunda with misprision of treason on the grounds that he had concealed his part in last October's failed coup.