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Although he tends to read in a somewhat singsong style and often mispronounces names of ballplayers, nothing can detract from the inspirational story of Number 42 (which, incidentally, is the only uniform number that has been retired by every major league team).
We have probably all been at weddings where the officiant mispronounces the name of at least one party, which is very bad form indeed.
He mispronounces the word for "great," inadvertently substituting the word for "Poisonwood tree.
DEAR ANNIE: "Need Some Guidance'' said her friend is educated and intelligent, but mispronounces some words.
Brick also mispronounces the Yiddish word "schmaltz.
He is best when ad-libbing, and the moment when he mispronounces a word is the funniest part of the show.
He came into my head as a Portuguese or Spanish guy who sings but doesn't do it very well and mispronounces words all the time.
She omits the possessive in the names Lucy and Julie and mispronounces the word says.
True, he mispronounces Monongahela, but his British accent is appropriate for a nation filled with people newly freed from the yoke of Great Britain.
At one point, this supposedly glamorous traveller mispronounces the magazine Paris-Match.
Not that there will be anyone around to criticise if he mispronounces a few words.
Just for the record, an otherwise unblemished account of a classic play mispronounces inventory, sedentary, mischievous, drawing and noblesse oblige - but these are blind spots which, after all, are best caught at this early stage.