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HOW the Welsh have recoiled over many years from inconsistent media mispronunciation.
She actually got it right when she introduced the snotty star to the cameras but Italian-born Scacchi - who was on the show to plug a new stage role - was smarting over Lorraine's slight mispronunciation earlier.
Or the fact that Ken always pronounced his name the way his Scottish ancestors had - ``Miller'' - while Maggie stuck with (and underlined in her letters) ``The mispronunciation she'd gotten used to at Warners.
HARDLY had the ink dried on last week's missive about the mispronunciation of Welsh place names when my ears were battered by a professional actor suffering from a strangulated hernia.
Kahl's most well known marketing coup was adopting the Duck brand trademark to play off the common mispronunciation of duct tape.
Masry said he has no affiliation with the Zeanah campaign and that he has never met her, a fact reinforced by his frequent mispronunciation of her name.
Asked what her show in Llangollen will be about, she quips: "Er, probably the mispronunciation of Llangollen and basically how rubbish the English are.
Amid the massed metal of England's 36 gold, 47 silver and 53 bronze medal haul heading home from Kuala Lumpur, Keska was more concerned with the one that got away than Coleman's clumsy mispronunciation.
While the cautious Orchanian routinely asked for definitions and sample usages - allowed under the rules - Santiago paused only when he detected a mispronunciation by the judge.
RTE is righting the wrongs of mispronunciation by offering presenters an online crash course in speaking properly.
BEST examples of Cockney mispronunciation of "'ouse" as "arse" in EastEnders this week.
But then things haven't quite been the same in Llanddewi Brefi since cult BBC comedy series Little Britain decided on it as its home for leather-clad Daffyd - their mis-spelling and mispronunciation not mine - who likes to mistakenly flaunt that he is "the only gay in the village".