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Pronunciation training and automatic mispronunciation detection have received a lot of attention in last decade due to advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
For example, in the case of a common phoneme-level mispronunciation detection system, a phonetically transcribed database of 130,000 phones uttered in continuous speech sentences by 206 speakers was used [14].
The issue really isn't kids' voices; it's mispronunciation.
The name, The Wombles, came from a mispronunciation by daughter Kate when she was a child on a Boxing Day stroll, and spoke of "Wombledon Common".
Times, where it appeared in a correction that apologized for a previous mispronunciation.
Residents of The Silver State feel strongly about the mispronunciation of their state's name.
The giant and deformed body parts that Igor brings into life calls itself Eva, a mispronunciation of the word AoevilAo.
Perhaps it helps that the fast-rising Japanese theatre ensemble takes its name from a child's mispronunciation of "selfish.
Although broadcasters won't reveal this out-of-town origination of local reports, listeners will note mispronunciation of area street names and the names of local newsmakers.
During eight years in office, he's been the butt of a slew of jokes, with his legendary mispronunciation and Texan drawl.
In cases of mispronunciation, the instructor showed the corresponding color card to help subjects self-correct in all of the following activities.
The name Rogue River is actually a mispronunciation of a Takelma word for "Paradise," and a centerpiece of their ritual lives has just been discovered: a rock formation called the Story Chair that is "shaped to the two buttocks of a very large fat man .