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And back in late '04 and '05 when Trevor Creed talked about those doors, he says that there had been misquotations and misunderstandings vis-a-vis his stance on the death of the two-door models for Chrysler Group.
Had reviewer Davis thoroughly compared Bateman's book with the AP stories it tries to debunk, he would have found, as we did, more than a hundred factual mistakes, irrelevancies, significant omissions, misquotations, and other failings--in sum, a sloppy mishmash that wouldn't get past any marginally competent copy editor.
Stylistically, although The Economics of Ecstasy is well written and mercifully free of jargon, it suffers from some repetitiveness and many misquotations.
First, Bush's 'admission' is completely consistent with what he's said in the past -- just not consistent with the misquotations that have been spun since.
As it is, he focused so much on correcting what are misquotations from my article, that I now feel obliged to devote precious space to correcting his corrections--which is much less interesting.
As a result, I took those out-of-context quotes and misquotations you hear from a lot of people and began to read them in context.
It appears to be an area of law that continues to offer controversial decisions, resulting in uncertainty for businesses (and dismal misquotations from Hamlet).
Violaine Massenet's biography of Francois Mauriac in Flammarion's series 'Grandes biographies' is at once disappointing and tantalizing, and for all its inaccuracies u dates and misquotations, for example -- Jean Lacouture's earlier biography (Seuil, 1980) which has served Mauriac specialists for more than two decades will have to remain a first point of reference.
Rimanelli makes this Blockbusters fiasco the cornerstone for his edifice of misrepresentations, misreadings, and misquotations, and ultimately his weird ire.
Jones's book reflects no credit on the others, and the slack editing which let through oddities like "the [sonnet's] opening stanza" (122), much sloppy syntax, and various misquotations like the one from Shelley on page 132, should make scholars think twice before publishing in that series.
No apparatus is furnished for any of the primary source texts: quotations and misquotations are not identified (except where this is done by the eighteenth-century writers themselves), and no translations are provided for any of the predictably large number of citations in the classical languages.
The initial stimulus for this study came, Professor Kramer tells us, from his observation 'that Dryden's criticism contains many misquotations and misstatements of fact'.