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Scholars like Pollock are distorting historical facts by misquoting Sanskrit references to prove that Sanskrit and its scriptures are the promoters of discrimination and oppression of certain class in the society from the beginning," said Malhotra.
Fauzia Wahab further pointed out that some people were misquoting her statements in the context that "I have prioritized President Zardari on Hazrat Umar (R.
We have apologised to Mr Cantillon for misquoting him and are happy to clarify the situation.
MISQUOTING TRUTH: A Guide to the Fallacies of Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus by Timothy Paul Jones.
Talking of misquoting, one wonders whether Molineux boss Mick McCarthy, yet to be convinced by Tomasz Frankowski's abilities as a striker, saw the report suggesting he was prepared to listen to offers for the 'Wolves goalkeeper'.
Cate occasionally makes minor mistakes (calling Prometheus "a mortal," misquoting Horace Walpole; maintaining for no reason that the Diogenes-like madman who announces God's death is "old," etc.