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MISREADING, contracts. When a deed is read falsely to an illiterate or blind man, who is a party to it, such false reading amounts to a fraud, because the contract never had the assent of both parties. 5 Co. 19; 6 East, R. 309; Dane's Ab. c. 86, a, 3, Sec. 7; 2 John. R. 404; 12 John. R. 469; 3 Cowen, R. 537.

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zzzzzzzzzzz Sep 23-Oct 23 LIBRA YOU'LL be unexpectedly arrested this week when, due to a policeman misreading the sign outside your French patisserie, you're nicked for making and selling bombes.
One such misreading of Scripture concerns the seventh beatitude: "Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons of God" (Matt.
Outlaw feels that Appiah's tendency to "analyze and evaluate individually each of the elements in Du Bois's definition" leads to a "serious misreading of Du Bois," and Outlaw goes on to show how Appiah's strategy obscures from his critical view the relevance of Du Bois's contribution to race theory during a time when discourse on race was dominated by pseudo-scientific studies such as those mentioned by Rampersad in his Afterword.
A suburban Milwaukee medical laboratory charged with reckless homicide for allegedly misreading Pap smears of two women who later died of cervical cancer received the maximum penalty--a $20,000 fine.
In The Anxiety of Influence (1973) and A Map of Misreading (1975), Bloom proposed one of his most original theories: that poetry results from poets deliberately misreading the works that influence them.
A simple misunderstanding of the goals of a board or a misreading of some board members' wishes can have disastrous results.
Even a subtle defect stemming from a misreading of the glass "recipe" could lead to such a problem, he notes.
She covers mobility and contestation; desire, knowledge, and the ruse of satisfaction in the Knight's Tale; misreading like the Reeve; symptoms of desire in Chaucer's wives and clerks; disfigurements of desire in Chaucer's religious tales; and reading and misreading Chaucer.
They (committee's findings) are based on a misreading of evidence, and on a selective and misleading analysis of my testimonies to your committee," Hinton said.
All three motives, he stated, amount to "a profound misreading of the time and place to which they were being applied.
Westside district officials said a writing part of a test was administered incorrectly, involving misreading of directions, in one classroom of 29 students.