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MISREADING, contracts. When a deed is read falsely to an illiterate or blind man, who is a party to it, such false reading amounts to a fraud, because the contract never had the assent of both parties. 5 Co. 19; 6 East, R. 309; Dane's Ab. c. 86, a, 3, Sec. 7; 2 John. R. 404; 12 John. R. 469; 3 Cowen, R. 537.

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Dick Denne (``Man's stupidity,'' July 28) presents another misreading of history.
As art history is not summed up by Conceptual art, my question about the books to which McEvilley was referring did not result from any misreading.
By contrast, Malbecco mistakes both Hellenore and his wealth as ends in themselves rather than as paths to God, generation, or public commerce, sequestering both along with himself, and in this idolatrous misreading becomes himself an icon, both a sign of jealousy and the thing itself.
While no one should find their "identity" ready-made in a text, strong misreading can create strange new life, or at least potentials.
In retrospect, this misreading seems to have triggered the central concern of Araeen's career: how to contest and contend with a culturally brutalizing and patronizing mode of consumption and interpretation of non-Western art by Western audiences.
Silicon Valley businessman Ron Unz, who sponsored the initiative, said the numbers are very encouraging, but he echoed Annis' concern that some students are still being ``force-fed'' a foreign language by administrators who are misreading the law.
And this misreading becomes the basis of all of Twombly's work.
Somehow, through a tortured misreading of the First Amendment's provision that ``Congress shall make no law .
Alice is a critical intellectual and Charlotte is a deceptively effervescent, subtly vicious put-down artist with an ``Emma''-like flair for misreading social situations.
It's a complete misuse and misreading of feminism and the women's movement to put people's private sexual behavior as a priority,'' Friedan said.
In October, the pope said centuries of Catholic prejudice against Jews was based on a misreading of the Christian Gospels.
But his spokeswoman, Gene Smith, said critics are misreading Berman's mailers.