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The defect size-to-W ratio can be calculated to evaluate the potential for the observed bar code defects to generate bar code misreads.
Increasing bar code widths should theoretically reduce the risk of misreads due to printer defects by decreasing the defect-to-W ratio.
However, we demonstrate that linear bar codes are not failsafe and that misreads can occur because of printing defects, lack of adequate error detection in bar code symbology algorithms, and/or opto-mechanical acquisition systems.
Sources of observed bar code misread errors and solutions to reduce their occurrence are presented.
CaptureOne is available in 30, 60 and 90 documents per minute (DPM) and Single-Feed versions and is expressly designed to minimize MICR misreads and non-conforming images--eliminating the manual intervention required to reprocess misread checks.
MagTek's Enhanced Reading gives retailers and other check processors a higher degree of confidence in their transaction data, and reduces the incidence and potential negative consequences of misreads.
Some out-of-spec checks may have enough problems to cause inconsistent reading results, but such misreads are likely to be caught through the application of MagTek's ER technology.
This in turn reduces misreads at the point of card use, yielding cost savings for the financial institution both directly and through increased customer satisfaction.
Constructed with sophisticated vibration dampening material, the subsystem is designed to significantly reduce disk drive vibration, resulting in fewer misreads, missed rotations and faulty error messages, helping to curtail service costs.
The same powerful point-of-capture validation edits can flag errors in the source data as well as misreads made by the OCR/ICR engine.